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The STARS net-diver school diving license course utilizes the internet for the study portion, or self-study, and for testing, or final check.
After completion, you proceed to a partner dive shop where, with an instructor, you practice ocean skills - the practical skills training portion - and in completing this, you qualify for the diving license.

 Diving License Course

study at net-diver school

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Let’s look at self-training.

Final Check

Once you have finished studying the manual, it is time to challenge the “final check”, or test.

 Snorkeling/Skin Diving/Introductory Diving


Here we introduce the manuals to the three courses – Snorkel Diver, Skin Diver, and Introductory Diver – that anyone can do in order to enjoy the ocean.

 Step-up Courses

Please inquire to each net-diver school Partner Dive Shop.

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