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Snorkeling Equipment

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In order to clearly see underwater, it is necessary to have airspace between your eyes and the water around you.


Using a snorkel allows us to breathe while keeping our face submerged. Since we do not have to raise our face out the water while continuing to breathe, when swimming across the surface of the water we conserve our strength.



By using fins we get effective propulsive power in the water, since we don’t use our hands in order to keep them free for other tasks.


■Dive Suits and Gloves

Since our skin softens the longer we are underwater, we can easily get injured on rocks and such. Further, due to the risk from poisonous sea life, we can protect ourselves by always wearing a diving suit and gloves.

Dive Suits and Gloves


Boots fulfill the function of footwear, sure, but they protect and warm our feet underwater as well. It is best to choose those with a non-slip sole.


■Snorkeling Floatation Vest

Since the vest provides buoyancy, even those without great confidence in their swimming can enjoy the ocean in its fullest.Using Your Equipment

Snorkeling Floatation Vest


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