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The Path to the Diving License

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The process to acquiring your diving license via STARS net-diver school is explained here.

To start with, let’s look at self-training. In self-training, you read the manual to master all necessary information concerning diving, including diving fundamentals, diving equipment, the underwater environment, diving physiology, diving rules, and diving skills. Using your browser, you can download the manual for free.

Once you have finished studying the manual, it is time to challenge the “final check”, or test.
The test contains 72 questions. After completing the questions and clicking the submit button, test results and an explanation of any mistakes will be displayed.
For the successful applicant, an email confirming completion of the course will be sent.
For the unsuccessful applicant, after a review of the manual, it is possible to re-take the test a second time.

From among STARS net-diving school partner dive shop members, please choose the dive shop which best suits you.
Once you have decided, please contact the dive shop via email or phone to confirm fees, scheduling, and reservations.

Practical skills training comprises, after orientation, confined water skills training (held either in a pool or at a safe water environment) and open water skills training (held in the ocean environment - beach or boat entry depending on local practice).

After completing your practical skills training and submitting the registration forms, you will get your diving license.
With this in hand, please enjoy diving oceans the world over!

The Diving License Course

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